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Ed Connector is an interactive portal, moderated by a professional staff, designed to enhance school district administrative capacity and increase leadership collaboration. For the first time in Alaska’s history, school improvement tools and resources from isolated areas around the state are being captured and curated for administrators to draw from. Today, when a new state requirement is implemented, districts no longer need create their own strategy from scratch; they can pull from existing proven tools already in use across the state.

Promising practices are NOW available to all districts FREE of charge. 

Ed Connector will allow you to: 
  • Access curated best practice tools 
  • Share material, curricula, and models
  • Rate and track vendors for quality results
  • Collaborate through virtual dialogue 
  • Access professional technical assistance staff from its office housed in the UAA Center for Alaska Education Policy Research (CAEPR) at the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)


Mike Hanley
Superintendent - Chugach Sschool Ditrict
“I believe Ed Connector has created Alaska’s first repository of state best practice educational tools/resources and built a consortium of stakeholders who regularly collaborate on educational solutions.”

Annmarie O’Brien
Superintendent – Northwest Arctic School District
“The risk of utilizing scarce resources on a district wide service and ending up with a poor product or ineffective program is too great.  Ed Connector’s rating system allows districts to see and review peer experiences prior to vendor selection.”

Brad Allen
Superintendent - Former Kuspuk School District
"I believe Ed Connector hasl truly helped build capacity of smaller districts and capture the wealth of success around the state while increasing replication of effective models in new districts and communities."  

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