Welcome Notice and Open Group Discussion

Welcome to Ed Connector’s Open Group Discussions!

Ed Connector is excited to welcome you to our Open Group discussion area. Below is a list of common questions you might have along with a brief answer.

For those of you who are relativity new to Ed Connector: This free tool contains more than 1,000 school improvement tools and resources for school district administrators, over 40 peer-rated vendors, and timely conversations on crucial topics with colleagues from around state. Please refer the last question listed below for additional background.


How does the discussion area work?

Ed Connector’s discussion area is separated into 2 sections: Open and Private.

The Open discussion area is a dedicated space for you to dialogue and problem-solve critical issues facing education with all school district administrators from across the state. If you have a new topic you’d like to add to the open discussion area, please select the link at the top of open discussion page.

The Private discussion area is a restrict space for you to communicate privately with peers. Access to each private group is controlled by Ed Connector and is based on your primary district responsibility. Here you can create a new discussion thread on any topic you like. Be sure to browse the recent active topics first.


Who will see the group conversations?

Open group discussion posts can be seen by any school administrator with an Ed Connector account. This includes superintendents, principals, school business officials, facility managers to name a few. In total, you can collaborate with 18 different types of administrators across the state.


How will I be notified of discussion activity?

At roughly 2pm daily, a summary will be emailed to you. The summary will include new posts and comments from both Open and Private Groups, as well any new resources added to your interest areas.


Want to know more about Ed Connector?

Along with a team of Alaskan superintendents and Former Commissioner Hanley, the Coalition for Education Equity, formerly known as Citizens for the Educational Advancement of Alaska’s Children (CEAAC) launched a new infrastructure called Ed Connector in February of 2015. This free interactive portal, moderated by a professional staff, was designed to expand district administrative capacity and cultivate leadership collaboration.

For the first time in Alaska’s history, promising practices from isolated school districts are being captured and curated for administrators to draw from. District leaders now share tools and resources with one another as well as rate and track vendor services. Today, when new state requirements are implemented, districts no longer need to create their own strategy; they leverage existing tools already in use within the state.

Today, Ed Connector has more than 500 users representing nearly all of the state’s 53 school districts. When district administrators log in to their free account, they find more than 1,000 school improvement tools at their fingertips, over 40 peer-rated vendors, and timely conversations with colleagues across the state on crucial topics such as Alaska’s Fiscal Challenges, Regulatory Relief, Healthcare Reform, and shared Professional Development Opportunities open to all districts.